Wednesday Teen Curling – Springfield Curling Club

Welcome to the Junior Curling League at Springfield Curling Club! 

This year we will begin by running 2 clinic/instruction sessions on our first 2 Wednesdays.  It is my hope that the more experienced students will be able to provide positive leadership and encouragement to our new curlers.   The remainder of the season will be regular league play where teams will be selected based on experience and taking friendships into consideration.

We will not curl on days where there are school closures due to holidays, professional development days or extreme weather conditions.  If the schools are closed, we do not curl.  The Teen League curls on Wednesdays. 

Busses drop students off at the curling rink after school and it is the parent’s responsibility to have their child picked up between 5:30 and 6:00 PM (we do not start a new end after 5:45).  You will be notified by email as to the bus number before your first day of curling.   If there should be a substitute bus and/or driver – don’t panic.  Find your friends who curl and ask an adult for assistance at the bus loop.

I would like to recommend that curlers please wear sweat pants (tight fitting jeans are very uncomfortable) and if you do not have your own curling shoes and/or broom, there may be some that you will be able to borrow from the club and return to the boxes/bags when you are done.  Otherwise, I would like to recommend that curlers have clean, indoor gym shoes, a gripper and a slider (half or full), and curling gloves are a good idea.

Many parents may already know a great deal about curling.  Please review and reinforce the rules and etiquette of the game with your son/daughter.  If you are able to assist on the ice, please bring your equipment and join us.  Ideally, 1 adult per sheet would be fantastic!

If you have curling related questions, you can email:

Thank you and Good Luck!

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