In 1943, several sports minded enthusiasts approached the Agricultural Society for permission to use their building for a curling rink. A sheet of curling ice was made down the middle of the building with skating on each side. Curling rocks were purchased and curling continued for the next three years.

In 1946, the Curling interested continued and a club was formed. With increasing memberships, two sheets of ice were needed using the entire building.

In 1948, the club was named the Springfield Curling Club which hosted the Springfield area. A small building was donated to the club which became the kitchen at the south end of the building. Rubber hacks were also installed on the ice.

By 1960, curling had become very popular and a new building was in the works. Sellen Bros. of Oakbank received the building contract with D. Sellen as the Designer. Club members R. Lindholm, K. Cook, G. Edie, J. Burek, D. Ferguson, G. Shields, J. Eckhardt, W. Percy, R. Reid and D. Sellen gave time and equipment into the construction of the new rink. Once the framing was complete, many volunteers continued to work on the building until completed. The rink was funded by shares, raised funds and a grant through the government.

Springfield Curling Club Inc. - 672 Dugald Rd, Dugald, MB R0E 0K0 - 204-853-7729